Indian Health Service Clinics: Diabetes clinics during year; use of lab for blood values


Head Start: Allow us to screen family members during open houses; asked for healthy cooking demo for cooks; use of their facilities for presentations


Tribal Health Program: Have Family Connections grant--help us with family case management


WSU Extension: Help with presentation on preservation of foods; food safety; staff available for activities at camps, gardens etc.


TANF: Long standing MOU with TANF with use of Twin Lakes Youth Camp in Inchelium.  Diabetes Program will operate retreats/camps with TANF activities


Youth Development: They will help us locate youth that might miss the screening


Language Program: We hope to have them help with the Traditional Foods activities we are planning, using the proper words the youth can learn


School District Offices: Asking the schools to furnish space to do screening; assistance from teachers for the time for screening


Area Agency on Aging: Working with AAA to use meal sites for food demonstrations; assistance to gather elders together for programming.  Our plan is to pair the elders with youth for traditional activities


Community Centers on the Coville Reservation: Community centers point of gatherings-let our program be involved with after school activities; other family activities


Daycare Centers on the Reservation: We plan to utilize daycare personnel to liaison between the families, to set up times/places for the interventions


History & Archeology Program: Teach our staff regarding the traditional ways, to aide with our planning of activities


Boys & Girls Club, Inchelium: Involve Diabetes program in after school activities, & summer programs for preventing diabetes


LRCHC, Inchelium: This clinic received a grant to expand services for people with diabetes, and would work with us with referrals to families in their system and assistance with activities together