Knowledge is Power

"The Colville Tribal Diabetes Program's mission is to provide the highest quality, culturally competent health education services to each community in a collaborative manner which promotes a confidentially safe and healthy environment. Our program focus is to provide preventative education tools for people through advocacy of healthy lifestyles that honors mind, body and spirit."

Increasing access to quality diabetes education and management services across Colville Reservation. 

Developing a standard approach to care and management of diabetes, including screening, based on the current SDPI (Special Diabetes Program for Indians) best practice guidelines, and an adapted to use in the Tribal communities.

Establishing effective community-directed approaches that revolve around the prevention and managing of diabetes related complications.

Developing and promoting cost effective ways of delivering quality diabetes education through life cycle of the grant.

Principle of service

While the program’s focus may vary among the different tribal programs in the (DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program) Region service unit, all the diabetes service units in each districts Colville Indian reservation subscribes to the following principles:

  • Diabetes Program will provide accessible services through the optimal location and design of their facilities; through carefully planned services that are culturally attuned to the community needs.

  • The Diabetes program will provide client centered services in a family and community context.

  • The Diabetes program aims to support individuals to effectively manage their diabetes and related health conditions through wisdom warrior classes.